“And he said to her, ” Daughter, be of good cheer; your faith has made you well. Go in peace.” ~ Luke 8:48

Over the years Gina has witnessed God’s hands in EVERYTHING and some true miracles along the way. With her husband by her side they have walked a road many take for granted. A woman that has been blessed by her son but, still struggling to find balance of keeping her son alive.


Christopher rice you are really and truly a amazing person/best friend inside and out. I love talking to you everyday telling you what I did and where my bag is! You are my shoulder to cry on, there definitely is a huge spot in my heart for you! You are the best best friend anyone cloud ever ask for and I’m glad you chose me as your best friend. There are so many fun times we have together, but no doubt about it my favorite is when I come up to your house and we go on our nightly ride on the golf chart and just go to the lake and talk. When we facetime it makes my day we you say “you’re killing me smalls” you can always put a smile on my face. I love you chris!
Kylie Courtney💜