A Message to Chris from his Mom

My Dearest Christopher,
I wrote this book and dedicated it you. I want to share our story with the world. I also want you took look back one day and know that your mom was a fighter. God sent you to me for a reason. I want you to know you are my best accomplishment of my life. I have lived half my life for you, fought for everything for you and tried to give you the best memories of me along the way. You are one of the strongest young men I know. Even as a baby you were a fighter. I have dedicated my life for you as I breathe, live, eat, sleep and fight for you daily. I wrote about our daily struggles to help other people, parents and kids that will and are walking down the path that we have walked down. I want people to know that if you sacrifice enough and put your trust in the Lord anything is possible. I hope our story and all we have been through as a family will encourage others that it can be done. With every breathe I take I pray for more memories daily. I want you to know I will always love you and fight for you to stay alive and, that you had a mother that fought with every ounce of life I had in me. I regret nothing !! Every last minute life changing decisions I had to make for you I hope you learn to appreciate one day. I love you my son and I am so proud of you- Mom