Kind Words, Encouragement & Reviews of Christ Through Choas.

My dear friend I don’t even now where to begin , you have been a blessing in my life! I remember the day I met you in Ms. Herod’s class in 7 th grade … wow what a journey we have experienced . God put you in my life for a reason . We have great kids and my son without a doubt, truly loved Chris . I have seen all your struggles and the hard times you had to endure, but through it all , well your amazing laugh was and still is a beautiful thing!!! You are an amazing mommy! I love you so much and proud to say I have a friend for life !

M. Bass

Christopher rice you are really and truly a amazing person/best friend inside and out. I love talking to you everyday telling you what I did and where my bag is! You are my shoulder to cry on, there definitely is a huge spot in my heart for you! You are the best best friend anyone cloud ever ask for and I’m glad you chose me as your best friend. There are so many fun times we have together, but no doubt about it my favorite is when I come up to your house and we go on our nightly ride on the golf chart and just go to the lake and talk. When we facetime it makes my day we you say “you’re killing me smalls” you can always put a smile on my face. I love you chris!

Kylie Courtney💜

OK Gina blessings about Chris well I had my little Hunter I was blessed to have him in a very late in life then I needed a babysitter somebody who would love him hold him and take good care of him you came into my life and have been a blessing.Hunter and Chris have been friends Chris to care of my baby you took care of my baby.And now were 16 years old and Christopher has been part of Hunter’s life and my life every since that day you open that front door and held him in your arms Christopher has played with him loved on him now they swim and fish and we wouldn’t know what to do without all the love and joy that y’all have brought into our lives we appreciate and love you more than you’ll ever know Chris has been a true blessing to us

V. Muncrief

Gina , I’m not for sure what exactly you needed, but I have so many memories of you when I had you in class, and memories of you and Chris when he was in high school. I loved you and your classmates. What a great time we had every day. I knew then you were a leader and a care taker. Everyone always went to you when they needed something. Then years later I got to experience being around your son in PE with the PALS group. He was entertainment all the time. I knew he probably struggled , but you would never know by his actions or yours. I loved the special olympics and watching him compete. Instead of me helping you, y’all took care of me. But my greatest memory of Chris is when he came to the prom. I noticed the dance floor was clearing,so I went to look and see what was going on out there. Well , there was Chris in the middle of the dance floor spinning and dancing in his wheel chair and all the kids clapping for him. I cried like a baby. I was so proud of Chris and my old student who had raised him to be a true champion. I’m forever thankful for our times together! And I’m so proud of you.

K. Hudson

Gina came into my life when I was in 3rd Grade (about ten years old). She was a friend of my older sister and had come over for a sleepover along with other friends. Me, being a shy awkward kid always wanted to be liked by others and I didn’t know how to act around all these fifteen-year-old girls. I heard Gina’s laugh and was immediately drawn to her. Instantly, I knew her heart was good. That night she paid attention to me and I loved her within minutes!!

I watched how she loved her friends and was always willing to help in every way. Life carried on, as it does and years passed before we met up again. I had heard of her pregnancy and the problems with Chris. I was saddened and felt powerless, though at my core I knew if anyone would handle this new way of life and the challenges of what was to come, it was Gina. She has prevailed with such grace and humor. Her love, laughter, and compassion are infectious. Magnetic. Transcendent.

God is her rock. She stands by her truth in every way. To know Gina is to know this.

We have become so close in the last two years and my admiration for her has only strengthened. I am so proud to call her friend and only hope I measure up.

This book is Gina’s, heart. She shares her purpose with the world and her endurance in finding laughter and peace through every moment. Gina sent me the final proof and I immediately read it cover to cover. Why? Not just because my friend wrote a book which is about to be published to the world. So cool!

I needed to know more about her. The trials of the past that would shape the woman she is now. Because knowing this will help me become stronger. Finding new perspective in my life, for they do not compare to the tribulations this family has overcome. Chris is such a blessing to the world. He and Gina remind me to keep it simple. Laugh. A lot!! And always look for hot sauce packets…for that is a party just waiting to happen. To Gina, Chris and entire family; my love is eternal.